Finance Your Gun Safe Purchase

You don't settle for less when it comes to your important things,
which means it's even more important you don't settle when it comes to your next Gun or Home safe

And now you can have ultimate safe —as spacious, feature-packed, and secure as you need--delivered as fast as possible without breaking the bank.

Consider financing your safe purchase, ...whether you’re on a budget, or not.

Why? Because financing a safe, rather than purchasing it outright, opens up a lot of possibilities. It makes owning a safe easier to afford, but--more importantly--it makes it easier to afford a better safe . The one need. The one you probably want.

Apply for financing to ensure you get the
  • Right size Have enough space to protect what you have, and for whatever the future may bring.
  • Ultimate Protection It’s a crazy world out there folks. Protect against break-ins, fires, and whatever else wants to steal your stuff.
  • Customizations & Features that tailor to your preferences, style, functional needs.

Texas Safe and Vaults has partnered with Midwest Financial to deliver straightforward financing options on our entire inventory, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Fixed Rate Financing
  • Mnimum monthly payments of $23.78 per $1,000 borrowed for 60 months at 14.99% APR
12 Months Same as Cash
  • Interest free if paid in full within 12 month period.
  • Interest accrues throughout the life of the loan.
  • Minimum monthly payments of $36.65 per $1,000 borrowed for 36 months at 18.99% APR