Dependable, American-Made Safes

What We Believe


The foundation of any company’s character is the quality of their products. Without high-quality products and services, how can customers trust a company? Our safes are built with the standard of excellence and we back them up with lifetime customer service.


When we say we build the greatest, most durable safes money can buy, we stand by our word. We stand by it with our lifetime guarantee that promises you a brand new safe on us if yours is ever damaged beyond repair.

Hard Work

Our persistent and determined effort towards our goals is sustained by the belief that every American citizen deserves to keep their belongings safe. If the foundation of our company is the quality of our products, then hard work is our lifeblood.

Made in the U.S.A.

We’re proud to say that all our safes are made here in the United States by the hands of skilled American workers. Our safes are built to uncompromising quality standards, with the security and reliability you expect from an American company.