Browning Pro Series Deluxe 33


The Deluxe line of safes offer a full deck of fire protection, security and interior convenience features. The highly customizable Axis Adjustable Interior is equipped to securely store 33 long guns, with room to spare for your other valuables. The exterior of the DLX33 is a mere 25″ deep to reduce its projection into a room. It’s handsome finish, however, makes it difficult to overlook.

  • Made in USA
  • 100 Minute at 1680° F
  • 740 lbs.
  • 26 ft³ of storage
  • 60″H x 31″W x 25.5″D
Textured Charcoal / AXIS distressed leather $0.00 Gloss Black / AXIS distressed leather +$700.00 Matte Black / AXIS distressed leather +$700.00 Black Cherry / AXIS distressed leather +$700.00 Hunter Green Metallic / AXIS distressed leather +$700.00 Sapphire Blue Metallic / AXIS distressed leather +$700.00 Titanium Metallic / AXIS distressed leather +$700.00 Charcoal Metallic / AXIS distressed leather +$700.00 Crimson Fade Two-Tone / AXIS distressed leather +$1,200.00 Midnight Two-Tone / AXIS distressed leather +$1,200.00 Steel Dawn Two-Tone / AXIS distressed leather +$1,200.00 Desert Smoke Two-Tone / AXIS distressed leather +$1,200.00
Black Chrome Hardware $0.00 Gold Hardware $0.00 Chrome Hardware $0.00
Mechanical Lock $0.00 S&G Low Profile Electronic Lock +$70.00
Pay Over Time

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Even though a Deluxe safe offers tough security measures and an impressive fire rating, its most important feature is the 24/7 peace of mind that you get knowing your valuables are tucked inside. Deluxe models include massive MAX Locking and Pry-Stop End Bolts that improve pry resistance. An expertly-applied exterior finish is available in a variety of colors to suit your taste or home decor. You’ll also get the most versatile interior on the market that adjusts easily to fit more possessions than imaginable.

  • ThermaBlock – Exclusive to Browning ProSteel safes, ThermaBlock features thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design that minimizes gaps that would allow the internal temperature in the safe to rise during a fire.
  • DPX® Storage System – This system maximizes gun storage space by including a modular system of door mounted racks for long guns as well as pouches and pockets for pistols and other valuables.
  • Axis Shelving – For the first time ever you have a totally modular system that lets you customize your gun safe interior exactly the best way to maximize space, protect guns and improve accessibility.
  • Scope Saver – Scope Saver takes advantage of space in the door to fit a scoped gun in the same space as a non-scoped gun.
  • 180° Heavy Duty Hinges – Rugged hinges are machined from solid steel bar stock for strength. The hinges allow the door to swing open 180° for unhindered access to the safe interior. Hinge-side locking bolts maintain full security even if the hinges are cut off. The door is removable to simplify the moving of the safe.
  • 4-Way Bolt Direction – Better safes have locking bolts extending from all four sides of the door for extra resistance to pry attack. Safes with bolts on three sides have them on both sides of the door and on the top edge. Four sides are best, but sides and top still offer significant strength advantages.
  • Force Deflector – The Force Deflector Locking System (patent pending) prevents bolt or handle forces from reaching the lock by using a rotating cam device. It prevents energy transfer to the lock better than most systems used in the safe industry.
  • Reinforced Safe Door Frame – Reinforced Door Frame Resists a Pry Attack. The door opening of the safe, strengthened by U-shaped steel channels, is welded around the entire perimeter to create added pry and attack resistance.
  • Duo-Formed Door – The best Browning ProSteel safe door is made from multiple layers of steel formed together to provide superior strength, pry resistance and attack protection. The full second panel added to the first is a key reason for its outstanding strength.
  • Light Package – Installing LED lighting around the door frame adds value and makes locating items in the safe easier. With the Browning lighting package, a pressure sensor turns on the lights when the door is opened. If you don’t have this lighting installed in your current safe you probably have cursed this problem a thousand times. Curse no more.
Additional Information
Weight 740 lbs
Dimensions 25.5 × 31 × 60 in

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