Browning Pro Series Pinnacle 49


The Pinnacle 49 might be the smallest of the Pinnacle line of Pro Series safes, but that doesn’t mean it’s “small”. It is classified as a Wide safe, with a significant capacity that can securely store 49 long guns in its interior shelving and door rack. With the adjustable Axis shelving, there are plenty of options to optimize this space in order to store all your firearms, document, jewelry and other valuables, to keep them safe from fire, theft, and whatever unknown threats might come your way.

  • Made in USA
  • 120 Minute at 1750° F
  • 1440 lbs.
  • 43 ft³ of storage
  • 60″H x 46″W x 27″D
Textured Charcoal $0.00 Black Cherry Gloss $0.00 Gloss Black $0.00 Matte Black $0.00 Hunter Green Metallic Gloss $0.00 Titanium Metallic Gloss $0.00 Charcoal Metallic Gloss $0.00 Sapphire Blue Gloss $0.00 Two-Tone Crimson Fade Gloss +$500.00 Two-Tone Midnight Gloss +$500.00 Two-Tone Steel Dawn Gloss +$500.00 Two--Tone Desert Smoke Glass +$500.00
Black Chrome $0.00 Gold $0.00 Chrome $0.00
S&G Mechanical Lock $0.00 S&G Low Profile Electronic Lock Black Chrome +$70.00
Pay Over Time

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You can spend hours researching websites and catalogs, but you won’t find another gun safe that compares to a Pinnacle. The Pinnacle is a symbol of strength with an unmatched combination of security, fire protection, interior versatility, and elegance. The safe body is formed from a sheet of thick 3/16″ steel for exceptional strength and rigidity. Inside, you will appreciate the beauty and fragrance of its cedar line wood interior. The Pinnacle is available in seven colors complement your home perfectly. For the ultimate in security and beauty, look no further than the Pinnacle.


Patented Features Available on Pinnacle Safes:

DPX Door Storage System
The patented DPX Door Storage System is the most versatile Browning ProSteel safe interior ever. This system maximizes gun storage space by including a modular system of door mounted racks for long guns as well as pouches and pockets for pistols and other valuables. Whereas many competitors offer these features as upgrades, the DPX storage system is a standard option on many of our safes. No doubt, it’s the Gun Safe Industry’s Biggest Breakthrough in Efficient Space Utilization.


DPX Scope Saver
A revolution in scoped gun storage. Any way you look at it, a scoped long gun takes up the same space of two guns in your safe, except with the DPX Scope Saver. The Scope Saver takes advantage of space no other manufacturer has ever thought of using (the space in the door) to fit a scope.


One-of-a-kind adjustable shelving. The latest innovation from Browning ProSteel is the Axis Shelf System. It is simply the most versatile gun safe interior ever designed. Period. The Axis Shelving System is a break-though development for gun safe interiors. For the first time ever you have a totally modular system that lets you customize your gun safe interior exactly the best way to maximize space, protect guns, and improve accessibility. Browning ProSteel continues to lead not only in providing the best security for your guns and valuables, but also in making it easy and convenient to access them.

Additional Information
Weight 1440 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 44 × 60.5 in

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