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Accessory Door Panel 50 Size (29 1⁄2 x 62) for 72" Tall Safes (includes TimberRidge TR64T safes)

Due to unprecedented demand, gun safes are in short supply. For faster delivery, place your order as soon as possible! Estimated delivery: 15-20 weeks.

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Accessory Door Panel 50 Size (29 1/2 x 62) for 72" Tall Safes

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Attach this attractive holster system to the inside of the door panel to expand storage capacity and maximize shelf space. Liberty's gun safe door organizer works with existing fabric covered door panels. Mounts on Door Panel with included mounting brackets. To view panel, click on the safe size. - Safe Size Pistol Pockets - CN12 4 - 17-18 4 - 20-23-24-25 6 - 30-35-40 8 - 48-64 10 - 50 10 - Quick Draw Holster - Document Storage - Zip Pockets - Choke Tube Holders - COOLPOCKET included - 8 Model Sizes - NOTE: Older models may have to be modified to support the use of the gun safe organizer. - *12 Internal Hinge door panel does not fit the Explorer 12NOTE: Factory installed accessories and options are subject to specification changes/upgrades without notification.