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1878 - 33 with E-Lock
1878 - 33 with E-Lock
1878 - 33 with E-Lock
1878 - 33 with E-Lock

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1878 - 33 with E-Lock

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Browning has built a NEW safe line based on the year they were founded in 1878. Introducing the Browning 1878-33 1878 Series Gun Safe. It has many standard features and it looks great at the same time. Let's check out some of these features.

The security on the Browning 1878-33 features an 11-gauge body as well as a 1-1/4" formed door. There are a total of 14 bolts including 8 active that are 1-1/4" thick. This is designed to prevent pry attacks to the door. The boltwork is 3-way as well. The hinges are exterior and are heavy duty. Browning gives you a choice of either an S&G mechanical dial combination lock or you can upgrade to an S&G Electronic Lock. Both locks are UL listed. The lock is protected by a re-locker and hardened steel pins. 

Included with the Browning 1878-33 1878 Series Gun Safe is the Premium DPX Storage System which includes the Quick Access DPX Barrel Rack and Scope Saver. An interior light kit is also standard which features lighting along both sides of the door frame.

Browning has designed the look of the 1878-33 to feel retro. The paint is a stained metal finish and includes an 1878 metal plate graphic. There is also a cast-iron wheel to open and close the safe.  Inside features a beige fabric color. 

Browning was able to get the 1878-33 Gun Safe features a 90-minute fire rating tested at outside temperatures up to 1680 degrees F. The 1878-33 holds up to 33 long guns including 13 on the left side, 13 on the right side, and 7 on the door.


  • Premium DPX Storage System with Quick Access DPX Barrel Rack and Scope Saver
  • Interior Light Kit - Interior Lighting along both sides of the door frame
  • Body: 11-Gauge
  • Door: 1-1/4" Formed Door
  • Bolts: 14 - 1-1/4" (8 active)
  • Bolt Direction: 3-Way
  • Integrated Fully Reinforced
  • Hinges: Heavy Duty, Exterior
  • Lock: S&G Electronic or S&G Mechanical 
  • Locking System: Force Deflector
  • Lock Protection: Re-Locker and Hardened Steel Pins
  • Paint: Stained Metal
  • Graphics: EST 1878 Metal Plate
  • Shelving: AXIS Adjustable Shelving with Pistol Rack Included
  • Interior: 33 Total (13/26+7)
  • Interior Fabric Color: Beige
  • Handle: Cast Iron Wheel
  • UL Tool Attack Listing: YES
  • Fire Resistance: 90 Minutes at 1680 degrees F
  • Fire Resistant Material: 1-3/4" (DOOR), 1-7/8" (BODY), 1-7/8" (CEILING)
  • Floor: Raised
  • Country of Origin: USA


  • Outside Dimensions: 60.00" H x 31.00" W x 25.00" D
  • Inside Dimensions: 54.00" H x 26.00" W x 17.25" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 14.02
  • Weight: 715 Pounds