Browning Pro Steel - Browning Medallion M33 Standard - Texas Safe & Vault

Browning Medallion M33 Standard

Browning Pro Steel
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33 long gun capacity, 28 ft³ of storage, 60"H x 32"W x 26"D

A best-selling combination of security, fire protection and storage features, in the size you need.

Among the Browning ProSteel Custom Collection, Medallion safes offer the best mix of security, fire protection and interior convenience — features that have made them top sellers for more than a decade. The M33 is the smallest safe in the Medallion line, classified as a Standard size safe. The Axis interior and DPX door panel secures up to 33 long guns with extra space for jewelry, handguns, documents and other important items.

The small overall size of the M33 makes it the ideal safe if you don't have a lot of extra room. Given the elegant and clean stylings of the Medallion safes, this safe will add style to any room instead of an object taking up space in a corner.