Browning Pro Steel - Browning Pro Series Pinnacle 65T Tall Extra-Wide - Texas Safe & Vault

Browning Pro Series Pinnacle 65T Tall Extra-Wide

Browning Pro Steel
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65 long gun capacity, 66 ft³ of storage, 72"H x 59"W x 27"D

The Pinnacle of luxury and security, king sized.

The Pinnacle 65T is the largest of the Pinnacle line of Pro Series safes. It is classified as a Tall Extra Wide safe, with a humongous capacity that can safely store 65 long guns in its interior shelving and door rack. With the adjustable Axis shelving, there are plenty of ways to optimize this space in order to store all of your firearms, documents, jewelry and valuables — and keep them safe from fire, theft, and whatever unknown threats might come your way.