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Cool Pocket
Cool Pocket
Cool Pocket
Cool Pocket
Cool Pocket
Cool Pocket

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Cool Pocket

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Liberty Safe's COOL POCKET is another great way to protect your valuables and documents from the devastating effects of fire, heat and smoke.

This convenient "ready to go" fire resistant document bag keeps important valuables 50 degrees cooler (during a fire) when kept inside a fire rated safe.

This is accomplished through a proprietary heat shield material made up of 70% fabric and 30% foil, each combined to slow the transfer of heat. Four expandable one-inch compartments makes organizing documents easier.

Protective Velcro flap and double pull zipper allow for quick access to documents. 

Dimensions: 10 inches tall x 12 inches wide x about 3.75 inches when fully expanded.

NOTE: Factory installed accessories and options are subject to specification changes/upgrades without notification.