Rhino - Rhino A Series - Texas Safe & Vault
Rhino - Rhino A Series - Texas Safe & Vault
Rhino - Rhino A Series - Texas Safe & Vault
Rhino - Rhino A Series - Texas Safe & Vault

Rhino A Series

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Rhino A Series

120 Minute Fire, Deluxe Door Organizer, Interior Lighting & Power Outlet, UL Listed Lock, and Swing Out Gun Rack Compatible

Rhino "A" Safe Series are the country's highest quality safes, with the revolutionary patented F-4 lock system, and ball bearing drill plate, with heavily constructed doors and bodies to provide a superior peace of mind and security against burglary and fire. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fire Rating

  • A full 120 minutes of protection at 1400F
  • Advanced protection with 4 layers of 5/8" fireboard in the ceiling, 3 layers on the walls, floor, and door
  • Heat activated door seal expands up to 7 times its size which seals the door edge to help keep out heat and smoke


  • U.L. Listed Manual Lock with Bay-Lock
  • U.L. Certified RIO I CA DOI
  • Fire Protection for 120 Minutes I1400F
  • Ball Bearing Brill Plate and Spring Loaded Hooker Protects the Lock
  • Gauge Steel Body
  • Thick Formed Door with Full Coverage 1/4" Solid Plate Steel From
  • Patented Anti- tamper Clutched Handle
  • Internal Electrical USB Outlet & LEO Lighting
  • Deluxe Door Organizer with Pistol Holders & Pockets
  • External Hinges Allow 180 Door Opening for Better Access
  • Full Coverage Fire Lining in Door Frame (Unlike Internal Hinge Designs)
  • Free Repair or Replacement After Burglary or Fire
  • Pre-drilled for Compatible Swing Out Gun Rack
  • Decorative Finials with Gloss Finish

Style and Features

  • Holds up to 36 long guns & 6 handguns
  • Deluxe door organizer standard for more storage options
  • Fully upholstered interior and adjustable shelving
  • 5-spoke vault style handle
  • Factory installed LED interior lighting with infrared motion sensor and USB equipped electrical outlet
  • Predrilled and compatible for our patented Swing Out Gun Rack