The AMSEC MAX2518 is the third size in this series and features one of the best prices for a TL-15 on the market today. The door and body are both constructed with outer and inner steel plates which enclose a unique, high-density fire and burglar resistant composite material. This offers protection for both fire and burglary. Inside the composite material is a proprietary amalgam of nuggets and steel barriers that allow this high security safe to withstand concentrated attacks from some of the most sophisticated equipment used by burglars today.

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The best in high security protection

  • UL-certified TL-15 burglary protection
  • 90-minute fire protection
  • Massive 6 3/4″-thick door
  • 2 3/4″-thick body
  • Gear driven 4-way bolt work
  • Proudly made in the USA



  • Overall thickness of 6¾”. Constructed with a 2½” defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates enclosing a unique, high-density fire and burglary resistant composite material
  • Defense barrier houses a proprietary amalgam of nuggets and steel barriers to withstand concentrated attacks from the most sophisticated equipment used by burglars today
  • Heavy-duty pull handle standard on all models



  • Total protective thickness of 2¾” enclosing a high-density fire resistant composite material with nuggets and steel barriers
  • A reinforced drill resistant door frame protects the door and each individual bolt chamber from severe side attacks
  • A proprietary inner steel barrier protects against peeling attacks
  • High-strength adjustable shelves with charcoal gray finish
  • Equipped with a recessed 9/16” diameter anchor hole


Fire Endurance:

  • 90-minute Intertek verified fire rating (When analyzing fire performance, weigh reports from ETL or UL laboratories against unverified factory testing claims)


Locking Mechanism:

  • Four-way active bolt work mechanism engages the bolts horizontally and vertically into the body of the safe
  • Equipped with 8 to 16 massive 1½” diameter (six 1⅛” diameter on MAX1014) polished stainless steel locking bolts. Each bolt moves deep into the body’s protected bolt chambers



  • Equipped with the AMSEC ESL10XL U.L. Listed Type 1 electronic lock. The lock is protected by an internal relock mechanism and a massive drill-shattering hard plate
  • The lock and vital mechanism areas are also protected by a high-security tempered glass plate with two remotely placed spring-loaded relocking bolts
  • In the event of an attack by tools or explosives, the glass will shatter, activating the highly sophisticated relock mechanism



  • Heavy-duty steel hinges provide smooth door operation



  • Charcoal gray textured finish
Additional Information
Weight 1064 lbs
Dimensions 25.5 × 23.5 × 30.5 in

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