Browning 1878 Clamshell – Vault Door

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Browning metal fire-resistant vault door

Cast Iron Wheel
In-swing Out-swing
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Browning 1878 Clamshell Vault Door

  • Browning has built a NEW vault door line based on the year they were founded in 1878. Introducing the Browning 1878 Clamshell Vault Door Metal Glaze. It has many standard features and it looks great at the same time. Let’s check out some of these features.
  • The Browning 1878 Vault Door is the perfect solution for the person who has “more than a few guns” in their collection. In fact, needing a Browning Vault Door in your home is a dream come true for many of us.


The 1878 Clamshell Vault Door allows you to build a Browning level of security into a special room in your home or office. If your vault is designed to protect people as well, the in-ward swinging door is a must. In the event of physical debris blocking your door in the aftermath of a tornado or other natural disaster, you’ll be glad that you can get out after your vault has provided its protection to you and those you hold dear.
Browning 1878 Clamshell Vault Doors don’t try to disguise the fact that a highly secure area is behind them. They are simply highly secure. Period! A properly built vault room allows you the greatest amount of latitude and creativity in the way your guns are displayed. For those of us with collections of unique and rare guns it gives the ability to show or display the guns without moving them in and out of a conventional safe, risking dings and scratches. A vault room using a Browning 1878 Vault Door also adds greater versatility allowing safe and secure storage of expensive gear, documents, heirlooms, and more.


Uni-Force Locking System
What makes the Browning 1878 Vault Door ultra-secure is the Uni-Force Lock System that it uses. It utilizes robust cam locks and a huge, multiple diversion bar system to keep the bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock. This means that no matter what intruders do, they will not be able to open the vault door unless they know the right combination.


The Advantage of Built-in Vaults
Having a built-in vault inside your home for gun storage brings several benefits for you. One of these benefits is that it is bigger and it can store more guns. In fact, you can choose how big your vault will be, which is great if you are collecting guns and the number of guns you own is growing. Another advantage is that it is easy to open if you know the combination, but it would be impossible for others to open without your authorization. Therefore, if you need a gun, especially during an emergency, you can easily take one out.
Another advantage of having a gun vault is that it is easy to show your guns to your friends. Unlike a safe, you don’t have to remove the guns from the vault to display them. Just open the Browning 1878 Vault Door and your friends will be able to admire your collection. You don’t need to take them out, which is great if you have rare and highly prized armaments that you like to show-off to other gun enthusiasts, but would rather keep them safe on display.


When it comes to storing many guns, having a built-in vault in your home for gun storage is a good idea. The best way to keep your collection secure is with a Browning 1878 Vault Door.



  • Designed to fit a variety of wall types and installation requirements.
  • OmniBarrier Lock Protection System.
  • Uni-Force Locking System.
  • 1-7/8″ of fire-resistant insulation in the door.
  • Knurled five-spoke Buckmark handle.
  • External ball-bearing hinges.
  • Paulsol expanding fire seal.
  • Also available with a black primer finish that is ready to paint and match any decor.
  • Internal lock release to open the door from within the vault.

Clamshell Specifications:

  • The minimum rough door opening for Clamshell Vault Door is 82.00″ H x 40.00″ W.
  • Clear Opening Width on in-swing: 28.50″
  • Clamshell flange design uses an internal and external flange for additional security and improved appearance.
  • It can be secured into the existing door frame using the clamshell flange or, for additional security, using expansion anchors or lag bolts (not included).
  • Clamshell flange has a 3-1/2″ range of adjustment to fit walls with a minimum thickness of 8″ to a maximum thickness of 11-1/2″.
  • model.
  • Exterior dimensions: 83.00″ x 42.75″.
  • Steel Thickness: 7-gauge frame.
  • Weight: 800 lbs.
  • Locking bolts: 22
Additional Information
Weight 910 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 42.75 × 83 in