Rhino - Rhino Thunderbolt - Texas Safe & Vault
Rhino - Rhino Thunderbolt - Texas Safe & Vault
Rhino - Rhino Thunderbolt - Texas Safe & Vault
Rhino - Rhino Thunderbolt - Texas Safe & Vault
Rhino - Rhino Thunderbolt - Texas Safe & Vault
Rhino - Rhino Thunderbolt - Texas Safe & Vault

Rhino Thunderbolt

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Rhino Thunderbolt

American Made, Handcrafted and Built to Last, the Rhino Thunderbolt series is a fantastic option for your gun collection.

Fire Rating

    Starting with security, the Rhino Thunderbolt series is made with full 3/16" steel body construction and a 5-5/8" thick formed door with a 1/4" solid steel plate. The anti-punch and anti-drill boltwork keeps 1-1/4" 4-way locking bolts securely in place protecting your prized possessions. The ball bearing drill plate and spring loaded relocker are a drill's worst nightmare as the balls cause the bit to continually spin and wear out. The patented F-4 locking system and anti-tamper clutched handle prevents someone from torquing the safe open via the handle and all this security combined earned the Rhino Thunderbolt series a UL RSC (Residential Security Container) burglary rating.

    In addition to the security, the Rhino Thunderbolt series boasts an 160 minute fire rating at 1400° with four layers of fireboard in the ceiling, three in the walls, and 3 in the door. Rhino also includes a heat activated door seal that expands up to 7 times its size in a fire which seals the door edge to help keep out smoke.

    Rhino uses a UL Group 2 Mechanical Lock standard on this safe or the S&G EMP resistant UL listed Group 1 Electronic Lock that has been in the industry for a very long time and has proven to be extremely reliable as an available upgrade.

    The interior is fully upholstered and has adjustable shelving to help maximize your safe with long guns or shelving. Also on the inside of the safe, is a factory installed USB equipped electrical outlet that allows you to store and charge your electronics and a door panel organizer capable of storing pistols and other small valuables.

    The Rhino Thunderbolt series has several textured and gloss color options available and is finished with a 5-spoke handle of your choice.

    Rhino Thunderbolt series safes are Made in USA with global components and are protected by a limited lifetime warranty.


    • U.L. Listed Manual lock with Day-Lock
    • Fire Protection for 160 Minutes 1400°F
    • Ball Bearing Drill Plate and Spring loaded Relocker Protects the lock
    • 3/16" Thick Steel Body
    • 5-3/4" Thick Formed Deer with Full Coverage 1/4" Solid Plate Steel Front
    • Patented Anti-tamper Clutched Handle
    • 1-1/4" Diameter Doorbolts
    • Internal Electrical / USB Outlet & LED Lighting (Electric Dehumidifier Included
    • Deluxe Door Organizer with Pistol Holders & Pockets
    • External Hinges Allow 140° Deer Opening for Internal Access
    • Full Coverage Fire Lining in Door Frame Unlike Internal Hinge Designs
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Details in Owner's Manual)
    • Free Repair or Replacement After Burglary or Fire
    • Pie-drilled ter Compatible Swing Out Gun Rack