American Security Products - AMSEC NARCO8336 Four Door Narcotics Pharmacy Safe with 24 Shelves - Texas Safe & Vault
American Security Products - AMSEC NARCO8336 Four Door Narcotics Pharmacy Safe with 24 Shelves - Texas Safe & Vault

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AMSEC NARCO8336 Four Door Narcotics Pharmacy Safe with 24 Shelves

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AMSEC NARCO8336 Four Door Narcotics Pharmacy Safe with 24 Shelves

Prescription drug theft and pharmacy robberies are on the rise. Regulations are also changing on locking up controlled substances. For anyone who is storing a large volume of Schedule 3, 4, and 5 drugs, the regulations currently state that they must be stored in a safe that has a minimum of 11 gauge steel. The AMSEC NARCO8336 Four-Door Narcotics Pharmacy Safe meets those requirements. With four outer doors that are 1/4" solid steel and an 11 gauge steel body, the 83" tall pharmacy safe will offer secure protection for your controlled substances. It was built to the Board of Pharmacy specifications.

Many companies decide to go the cheap route and buy an inexpensive wood or lightweight metal cabinet. These types of cabinets can be broken into easily or carried out of the building where they have all the time in the world to break into them. The AMSEC NARCO8336 Four-Door Narcotics Pharmacy Safe has thick metal in the doors and body and has 16 anchor holes to bolt down to a solid surface. There are 4 on the top, bottom and side drilled. There is a three-way locking mechanism on the door. This means that it will help prevent pry attempts on the door.

To help organize the contents inside the AMSEC NARCO8336 Four-Door Narcotics Pharmacy Safe, there are a total of 24 adjustable shelves, six on each side. This helps keep everything organized on each shelf. The outside is painted a pharmacy white paint finish.

AMSEC includes its powerful ESLAudit Audit Trail Electronic Lock. This lock can support up to 40 users, each configurable with unique privileges. This means that you can program your employees into the lock so that each person has their own unique code. If something happens to them or they are let go, you just need to change that one combination and everyone else does not need to memorize a new combination. It will store up to 2,000 record audit trail. You can see who got into the safe and at what time. This way if something is missing, you can narrow down what happened and who did it.

Other features on the AMSEC ESLAudit Trail Lock that is installed on the NARCO8336 include time delay functionality, dual control mode (require two users pin codes to get into the safe), armored car bypass, and holiday schedules. There are some optional features including AC power to plug it in instead of using batteries and a duress feature for an additional charge. If you are interested in these features, please call us at 800-207-2259. If someone attempts to try and guess a combination and they are wrong four attempts in a row, it will lock them out for 15-minutes each time.

If you are interested in securing your pharmacy or controlled substances today, consider the AMSEC NARCO8336 Four Door Narcotics Pharmacy Safe. Please give us a call at 512-989-3744, Austin TX or 210-404-1365, San Antonoio if you have any questions.


  • Built to the board of Pharmacy Specs
  • Designed to easily replace a standard wooden pharmacy cabinet
  • 83" high large safe with reinforced door jambs
  • Four (4) doors made of solid 1/4" steel
  • 11 gauge body
  • A heavy-duty three-way locking mechanism
  • 6 Adjustable shelves per door (24 total)
  • Shelves are adjustable up and down
  • Pharmacy white paint finish
  • Best warranty in the business
  • AMSC ESLAudit Electronic Lock
  • Lock status Time Delay indicator box with a 50-foot cable
  • A single auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device, activated by a punch attack
  • Heavy-duty three-point locking mechanism
  • B-Rated burglar-resistive classification
  • Cabinet mounted directly onto the floor with 16 anchor holes - (4) top, bottom and side drilled
  • Warning label included


  • Outside Dimensions: 83.00" H x 36.00" W x 15.75" D
  • Weight: 660 Pounds

ESLAudit Digital Lock:

  • Large backlit 4-line LCD display
  • 40 users, each configurable with unique privileges
  • 2,000 record audit trail stored inside the safe
  • Audible and visual feedback
  • Brushed satin chrome
  • Splash-proof keypad
  • 3 types of users: PIN only, e-key and PIN/e-key
  • Supports time delay
  • Supports dual control
  • Supports armored car bypass
  • Supports holiday schedule
  • AC power (with optional expansion module)
  • Duress feature (with optional expansion module)
  • Beeper volume control
  • 15-minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries