Browning HSD19

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The HSD19 features the excellent security features and finish quality of Pro Series gun safes in a package suited for smaller valuables. The versatile Axis Adjustable Interior allows you to easily add, subtract and configure shelves to maximize storage of valuables such as handguns, photographs, laptops and jewelry. A 3/16″ thick steel body and MAX Locking Bolts combine with an honest fire ratings to give you protection from theft and fire that you can trust.

  • Made in USA
  • 90 Minute at 1680° F
  • 740 lbs.
  • 19 ft³ of storage
  • 60″H x 26″W x 21″D
Charcoal Metallic Gloss Black Titanium Metallic Ivory Black Cherry
Black Chrome
S&G Mechanical S&G Electronic +$92.00 SecuRam Biometric Lock +$499.00
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For small spaces or just a secure area to secure your valuables, a Home safe is an ideal choice for handguns, cameras and jewelry. ¼” thick steel bodies and MAX Locking Bolts combine with durable fire ratings to make them as functional as they are beautiful. 100% Deluxe for your home. Not just another gun safe. Some safes are designed primarily for special valuables. Things like passports, financial information and other documents. Or jewelry, special art or unique heirlooms. If you have ever left on vacation and wondered if your valuables were secure enough while you are gone, then it is time to consider a top tier home safe from Browning.

Additional Information
Weight 740 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 26 × 60 in